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Trucking Accidents Common Questions

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I was hit by an 18-wheeler, but the insurance company is only willing to pay my medical costs and not compensate me for my pain and suffering. What recourse do I have?


Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators. Their goal is to resolve the claim for the least amount of money for their companies. Your best recourse is to hire an experienced trucking accident attorney who knows how to deal with the insurance companies. Often, the mere act of hiring an attorney helps your negotiating position and can bring value to your claim.


If a truck hits my car on the highway, can the accident be my fault?


Tractor trailers and 18-wheelers have different performance capabilities than the standard passenger car particularly when it comes to visibility, braking, and acceleration. A car driver can actually cause an accident with a truck in a variety of situations, including driving between two trucks and abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck.


An experienced trucking accident attorney such as Gregory Tonore can work with you to establish who was at fault in your accident.


What factors contribute to a truck accident?


Trucking company training and compensation systems may encourage drivers to ignore safety. For instance, truck drivers may not receive sufficient training to drive safely and defensively. Their employers may encourage speeding and driving long hours to meet their own deadlines. These employers may also set unrealistic expectations. Such conditions may lead to unsafe driving and, therefore, accidents.


What is a truck’s “No Zone?”


The “No Zone” is the area behind and next to a commercial truck—a tractor trailer, 18-wheeler, tanker, etc.—that puts you in a space where the truck driver has limited or no visibility.


What is considered “pain and suffering?”


Pain and suffering includes harm caused by physical injury and mental anguish experienced through avoiding activities you engaged in prior to your trucking accident and the potential of surgery.


What determines the amount I might recover?


Every case addresses three issues:


Liability—establishing the trucker’s negligence

Damages—the amount that will fairly and adequately compensate you for your injuries caused by the trucking accident

Source of collection—insurance or other assets from which damages can be recovered


How long do I have to file a suit?


The statute of limitations is one year for personal injury claims in the state of Louisiana.