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Offshore Accidents Common Questions

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What are some common offshore injuries?


The most common offshore injuries include:


  • Slip and fall accidents, resulting in broken bones

  • Burn injuries caused by fire

  • Accidents as a result of insufficient maintenance (for example, a wet deck)

  • Sexual assault or physical battery

  • An act of medical malpractice by medical staff

  • Negligence, including food poisoning or assault by another



What do I do if I was injured in Offshore Accident?


Just as with any other personal injury, it is important to document your claim. You should report your injury to the appropriate personnel. Keep copies of any and all accident reports, claims letters, and correspondence.


It will be helpful to your case to be as prepared as possible to prove the facts in your claims. That means collecting eyewitness statements and contact information from fellow employees.


Do I need a lawyer to represent me?


Offshore operators and their insurance companies will aggressively investigate your claim and aggressively defend claims brought against them. Your best interests would be well-served by retaining an attorney like Gregory Tonore with experience in offshore accidents and maritime law who will fight hard to protect your rights.


I was injured in Offshore Accident. Do any special laws apply?


Yes. Special laws as maritime or admiralty laws may apply if the injury occurred at sea or in coastal waters. An attorney experienced in maritime and offshore law such as Gregory Tonore can help to establish offshore injury liability.


I work on a ship and was injured. Do any special laws apply?


Yes. If you have been injured at sea or on the water while working for your employer, you may have to file a claim under the Jones Act and general maritime law to receive compensation for your injuries. Unlike injuries sustained on land, an injury that occurred at sea or on the water is not covered by state workers compensation laws unless it happens within the territorial waters of a state. The laws are complex and an attorney well-versed in the intricacies of the Jones Act and maritime law is in the best position to help you with your injury claim.


How long do I have to file a suit?


The statute of limitations is one year for personal injury claims in the state of Louisiana.